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Cheeky Mare’s 10 Step Guide to Gift Giving

Cheeky Mare’s 10 Step Guide to Gift Giving - Cheeky Mare
  1. Thought not price (no one likes a show off) and no one likes to feel embarrassed that their gift was much less in price. So, know your audience, and keep within range.
  2. Why are you buying it? – If you really want to send someone a smile as they are ill then go for it, but don’t be sly and keep the reason real and authentic as it will be noted. 
  3. Never give to receive – you may well be disappointed and never works. Same in life, do it because you really want to and not because you feel bullied or pressured.
  4. Business is Business – If you send a gift to one colleague you must send the same for all. No one likes a brown nose, and it will be seen as just that.
  5. New Home / Housewarming – If you have been invited over then a small gift is just etiquette. They have probably spent a small fortune on the bricks and mortar so help them with a little mug or two to get started!
  6. Do you actually know what they like? – a little stalking on social media may just go a long way to being the best gift giver ever?
  7. Re-gifting – Oh come on, who doesn’t! If you don’t want it, then give it a brand-new home, we would do it for a puppy.
  8. Shop Small – That means, shops home grown brands, let's keep the talent in business. May take a little longer to browse but you are more likely to find a gift that means more and lasts longer.
  9. Gift receipt – Hell yes! They don’t like it, fine let them replace it with something they do like, as it will still mean you sent a gift they appreciate.
  10. Say Thank You! – and mean it, sending and receiving gifts is such a pleasure on both sides, remember to say thank you. Cheeky Mare Cup & Saucer

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