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Business "Dumps"

Business "Dumps" - Cheeky Mare

What I'm going to say now may come as a bit of a shock. This month has been a bumper month for Cheeky Mare. That’s not the shocking bit! Considering we have no YoY to make comparisons with, March 2021 has seen us on This Morning - TWICE, launch with Wolf and Badger, seen opening talks with another amazing retailer who sees my vision and wants to launch some exclusive products AND we had an AMAZING sales month. I know it sounds ridiculous, but after a month where I should be floating on air, I feel run down, anxious and a bit ‘I'm going to hide under the duvet’.

I read an article on LinkedIn recently from the founder of SPANX that said you should always try and keep the enjoyment of what you are doing your focus.  If you only worry about the money, the VAT or the lack of money, the business will not grow. If you keep remembering and, most importantly, enjoying why you started the business in the first place the rest will follow.  This all really stuck with me, I didn’t start Cheeky Mare to worry about the bills, I started this because I wanted to be creative to my own agenda, to work with like minded women and have fun and create a business and product that I can be genuinely proud of.  If you had told me at the beginning of the year what March would bring, I wouldn’t have believed you and if you had then told me it would leave me feeling a bit ‘meh’, I would have told you to shut your face!

I'm no stranger to feeling like this and as much as I tolerate my husband, in situations like this his words don’t resonate, they grate.  At times like this I turn to my close friends. Their advice and opinions always feel so positive and constructive. They lift me up and make me feel so much better. I will share their advice as it might help you too. They reminded me to see what I have achieved and where I have come, but more importantly to focus on where I am headed.  

To help keep me focused this is a note to my new self.

Dear Helen,

This time last year you had no brand, you had dreams but then the majority of people do... Dreams are great, but reality it so much better! This year you have a brand - a fantastic brand, a brand that your customers love and brand that is growing.

So, ask yourself what is next year going to look like?

Ensure you enjoy the journey, enjoy the creative which is why you started this. Enjoy making new contacts and enjoy the products created.

When you read this, it looks like there is only a great year ahead.

You will be fine!

And read me this time next year March 2022 – as it can never be as bad as 2020

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Ellie Reynolds

True words Helen… you’re smashing it! Enjoy it while you can, you’re doing great!

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