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About Us

Who is Cheeky Mare?
Cheeky Mare is an independent UK-based bold homeware and gifting brand with an expressive, tongue in cheek ethos, a flair for design and a desire to make you smile by injecting a sense of humour into our everyday, humble kitchenware and textiles.
Founded December 2020 by Helen Goldie, Cheeky Mare has wit at its heart and exceptional quality in its soul. Behind each cheeky slogan lies Helen’s ‘always cheeky, never rude’ persona and the exclusive design on each piece represents her love for the finer and fun things in life –
and, of course, a good old cup of tea!
British born and bred, Helen is dedicated to championing the UK’s homegrown rich design and craftmanship heritage. Each of Cheeky Mare’s fine Duchess bone china pieces are handcrafted by the finest artisans in the English town of Stoke on Trent, the home of the fine ceramics and porcelain industry. From the first designs to the 18ct gilded finish, Helen has poured her heart and humour into curating a collection unlike any other that will liven up your day and your kitchen!
Looking beyond that essential cup of caffeine in a morning, Cheeky Mare’s collection and reputation is ever-growing – so grab a brew, or a gin, and watch this space!
Who is Helen Goldie?
“In the summer of 2020, I said goodbye to my 30-year career creating and running large global beauty brands. I was tired and somewhat disheartened of making someone else’s dreams a reality. Tired of not creating something of my own. Tired of not being my own boss.
So, I set up Cheeky Mare in the middle of a global pandemic, because when the shit hits the fan it is good to have a nice cup of tea!
Though interiors is a new space for me, I had a vision - and with the support of the amazing professionals I have worked with and become close friends with over the years, Cheeky Mare was created. I want to create a company where every voice is heard, where everyone has a bit of ownership and where everyone is a bit of a cheeky mare.”