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International Women's Day

International Women's Day - Cheeky Mare

Maybe like me you’ve thought International Woman’s Day was a bit of a waste of time, a new ‘made up’ thing to sell greetings cards and bouquets of flowers.

Well, let me tell you how wrong you are.

The first record of IWD was 1909 and it was created to tackle inequality in the workplace sound familiar? For the last 100+ years IWD has been celebrated around the world to unite all women to speak up on areas such workers rights, poverty, the power to vote and as a voice to be heard. The 8th March has had such a significance in our history it should be celebrated for all the women, our struggles should be voiced and discussed. 

I know that many of you will have experienced imbalance in the workplace; the colleague that gets promoted over you, not because he’s more qualified (maybe even less), but simply because he is a man. The pay gap between you and your male colleagues and the bias against single mums. You would think in this day and age this kind of prejudice would be a thing of the past, you would think that the only need for IWD would be to sell greetings cards and bouquets of flowers.  But in truth it is needed now more than ever.

 Cheeky Mare is a female owned and founded brand.  We want to raise up women as much as we can, to get our voices heard.  Whether you are a man or a woman take a look at your support network….I bet there are a fair few women there - your mum?  Your best friend?  Your grandmother?  I know I couldn't have started Cheeky Mare without the support of the amazing women around me.  

So let's celebrate them this 8th March and let them know just how damn fabulous they are and that you couldn’t do it without them. 

And by the way for those that ask (because there’s always one!) International Men’s Day is the 19th November, because (of course)  you’d need a woman to let you know!   

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