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Self Love, and what it means to me

Self Love, and what it means to me - Cheeky Mare

Self-Love – what it means to me...

Now, before you roll your eyes at me and think that self-love is nothing more than some buzzword, hippie, made-up concept, hear me out.  I used to think the same thing, I thought it meant being a little selfish.  I had read the term many times in magazines and on social media, but I just did not think it was relevant in my life.  

So, I battled with this phrase for some time until I went to a business coach (I hope that does not make me sound too bougie) who explained that self-love works hand in hand with self-worth. If you do not feel you are worthy, then that’s when trouble can start and can spread out to every aspect of your life. In short, if you do not love yourself how can you really think you are worthy of someone else’s love.

I have always been what people would call a ‘giver’ and I think being this type of person has always compensated or replaced that feeling of self-worth.  My self-worth was always hinged on what others thought of me and how much I had given to ‘earn’ that worth.

Self-worth is everything.  Discovering self-worth is what helped me on to the road to creating Cheeky Mare.  Like I say being a giver I had always put in 110% to helping other people create and manage their own brands.  Self-worth told me it was my time to create and manage my own brand because, to use a well-known slogan, I was worth it.

I could not have got through lockdown without realising my self-worth.  I know that taking a bit of ‘me time’ is not selfish, it is essential.  Lockdown has helped me with my self-worth as well, it has helped me appreciate the small things, the first cup of tea in the morning, the new, recently purchased bedding and laying in bed an extra hour because it is so damn comfy.

With lock down I have become more aware and open to taking the time out to go for that walk everyday, to up my skincare routine and read more. As the whole world has come to a standstill, I have revaluated my needs and passions into what truly makes me happy. The journey to self love has started and I am loving the new me. I’ve also started to eat healthier and drink less not because I’m unhappy with how I look, but because it’s making me feel better - as I approach the big M I’ve realised sugar, wheat and alcohol are not my friends and I’m worth looking after.

Working on the brand has been such a dream and to send gifts of empowerment to our amazing customers is the best feeling you can ever have. When someone sends me a message that they love what I’ve had a hand in creating is such a boost. Cheeky Mare embodies positivity, humour and fun. All the qualities I look for in my circle of friends and the people I surround myself with. 

Now I know that these are my people because we deserve each other not because I must gain self worth from them, but as with all great people we lift each other up

I wanted my brand to be about empowering people with our slogans whether it is a gift for another or a gift for yourself, it should always be a gift for someone you love.

Helen Goldie

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Madeleine Kingswood

I agree with every word you’ve said re self love & self worth -thanks fir that!
I see you’ve a beaker “Queen Bitch” would you by any chance make a “King Bastard”? Yes this is a serious request
With thanks

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